Exclusive: Hands on FujiFilm X-E1 & X-F1

Posted by admin on October 15, 2012

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Finally I’m here to share with you my very limited hands on FujiFilms latest product
X-E1 & X-F1 which was provide to me by FujiFilm Middle East office. I need to thank them over this post for continues support provided to me and other local photographers.

X-E1 is simply X-Pro specification without Hybrid Viewfinder and little look of X100.
Of course interchangeable lens! The first thing you realize is the weight and size is dramatically decreased just to feel even more comfortable within your hand. Price has been dropped too to make better choice for most people who want to purchase camera in coming holidays. Honestly after weeks of using X-Pro1, I felt X-E1 even too light! It definitely gives advantage to make it more portable. The Viewfinder resolution increased much better than X-Pro1 which was necessary to improve since hybrid view finder is gone!

The speed of auto zooming was quiet in same range with X-Pro1 with latest firmware if not a bit faster. I have mostly shot in auto focus mode compare to x-pro which was mostly shot in manual mode. As prototype device i felt of little shutter lag sometime but not major one. The low light is slightly better than x-pro. Specially in High ISO mode. But in most scenarios almost same as x-pro1. As I said at the beginning it’s just x-pro in different body !

Check out some sample shots in original colour and tone as it captured through the camera:

Shot by Ammar Al Attar

Shot by Ammar Al Attar

In video mode I found FujiFilm added Mic Jack which can be even used as remote with changing the function in menu. I haven’t tried it yet but i will do it once they have released it later this month in UAE, specially with their upcoming lenses. I can’t wait to see how Image stabilisation has been addressed over the new lenses. Frankly speaking in video mode lake of image stabilization and rolling shutter is pain. I have to admit that unless fujifilm doesn’t fix that, FujiFilm Cameras not good option for filming.

Come one fuji it’s not so difficult for you after all. I can’t wait for X-Ppo2 with fully video support. Street photographers wanted high video capability to make their one device even more high end. Who agree with me show some comment on comment area. Would love to see what every one have to say about my though on video mode.

What make me more excited about fujifilm is by every release they make the design and quality of image outstanding compare to any other camera brand. What I personally like to see more improvement to video mode to make fujifilm not only my best street photography mate and even allow me to create similar style videos with professional result.

Also Let’s talk about XF-1. It’s beautiful consumer level camera with ability to shoot RAW. It carry oost of Higher X series camera features. The look and feel is so fashionable. My wife wanted to have all colors just to match her fashion! Easy to use with very retro style On/Off switch. There is advanced menu option which built with bunch of effects like color stroke, Background defocus, increase clarity on night shots and more. The only Cons I noticed so far high noise in the indoor low light condition. Again with Retro flash on top of camera could sort this some how.

Thanks for reading my quick review and hands on XE1 & XF1. I will be sharing more shots with you in coming days where I will be taking the camera into real conclusion. Into different light and color condition lets see how X-E1 with new set on lenses are improved.


Video by Digital revolution taking XE1 to site for test, watch it:

Stay Tuned!

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