Fujinon XF 18mm-55mm Hands on: Dubai Fish Market

Posted by admin on January 8, 2013

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I’m excited to share with you my recent experimental with FUjiFilm XE1 and most waited lens for me Fujinon 18mm-55mm. Specially finding how good we can produce video with fuji’s latest products.

As you all know from the body and look of XE and even X Pro they are not video cameras. Most probably the Intention is about photography. However since DSLR video evolution, users expect from their cameras to capture High Quality Videos with all depth and manual control.

My first video recording  with xpro1 and fixed lenses 35mm & 55mm & 85 it was not bad!

I mean quality was and still good but main challenge is lack of image stabilisation, no built in camera and even not on lenses up to that day! Another issues was moire and aliases patterns which most of you already now what I mean.

Here is video I have done previously with X-Pro1 you may see the result.

I did another video with XE1 and fixed lessens while I was doing review on prototype XE1 before official release which wasn’t bad too !!

However I knew that 18mm-55mm is coming with image stabilization motor built in with much more control for videographers in the street. I wanted to do real test as soon as I can.

Here is video to watch and see the result. I will describe what feel after the video break.

As I was expected and you have seen the result is awesome. I should say Fuji cameras with this lens can make impressive video as you can see. The weight and ease use of camera made me really fast moving and recording with minimum trouble. Yes still no much control over aperture change while recording, no visible shutter difference. But for now we are one step close to produce neat video with FujiFilm X cameras while we doing photography.

I believe Fujifilm will improve video capability in year 2013. we just heard about x100s which they announce in CES 2013. First thing Impressed me was 60fps in Full HD! that mean they do care and hopefully more control over the aperture and shutter. never know maybe possibly xpro2 will be the game changer specially with new processor which I have heard is ridiculously faster.

Will wait and see how Fuji will continue impressing street photographers and videographers in year 2013.

Also I like to mention that for edit of this video I used my favorite VSCO film presets on LR to make clips look as bit vintage film color that I love to see then applied to my footages before taking them into FCPx to edit and share with you. I also did take photos with my iPhone as usual ( my third eye ) where I also edit them with my favorite product from same developers VSCOcam .Check them out here or head to my flickr set VSCO to see more of my iPhoneogrpahy processed with VSCOcam.

At the end quick look at Fujinon 18mm-55mm highlighted speciffication:

almost 27-84mm equivalent

F/2.8 to f/4 lens

Highly responsive linear motor

Image Stabilisation almost equivalent to 4 stopsThere is life and of course fishes over Dubai fish market to explore every friday!(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)


Just about preparing this post I got to know that I have been featured on FujiFilm X Photogrpahy website dedicated to Photogrpahers using X Series cameras. As first in region and UAE I’m honored with this achievement. Thanks to Fuji Team in UAE to support photographers in region to explore their technology. Selection of my works by both cameras I have used so far X-Pro1 & XE1 along with videos availble to watch on this link.

  • Asma Hinawi

    My name is Asma am currently senior student in the American University of Dubai and producer for the new coming Emarati film Aqareeb which means sands hills

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