How FujiFilm X-Pro1 does in Video

Posted by admin on September 29, 2012

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At the beginning I must mention that FujiFilm X-Pro1 is not Video Camera or not even DSLR as you already know but it definitely hold huge capability and functionality to record High Quality High Definition video same as the main functionality which is Photography.

I should admit that I have fallen in love with X-Pro1 not because of the video option! It’s not also about retro look only, It’s all about wonderful size camera to do a great photography in street and other spaces as well as video which this post is all about my experience in shooting video with X-Pro1 and various lenses. I even tried Leica Summicron 50mm with M-Adaptor which I have borrowed from my friend UAE photographer Ammar Al Attar.

The video below shot and captured just for the test purpose and to be shared with audience who interested to see how XPro does in video mode.
The challenge was for me to shoot within 10meter around one location, with various lenses. Mostly steady by monopod and some handheld. ( It wasn’t good idea since it was windy evening!)

Let me start about where I have enjoyed for most! I loved the smooth focusing ring, Of course Leica focus turn to be magic as expected. However Fuji Lenses were great lenses I ever used so far!
Of course There was challenges as well. Based on experience I had with High End DSLR’s like 5D Mark2 and Mark3 as well 7D I believe Fuji Cameras require more improvement to get more manual control over the video capability. It shouldn’t be difficult task for them after all. Hope they read and watch the video and the post I’m sharing.

After watching this video, I’m going to list the Pros and Cons as I have found so far!


  • I love the range finder concept to do focusing as well in video. It shows you the virtual metering which you can set focus point without having third party focus ring marker for smoother and correct focus.
  • LCD and Viewfinder both works same in Photo Mode
  • Exposure control is more handy than DSLR’s
  • Auto Focus work just fine ( I guess in firmware 2.0 there is huge improvement )
  • Focusing ring is very smooth
  • Fast recording, Fast Saving on Memory Card
  • Full HD 10920 1080P 24fps ( this got Cons too!)
  • File recorded as H.264 works just fine with Final Cut Pro X


  • Main weakness is Shutter and ISO control. Basically Not much to do with them by Video mode.
  • Lack of Anti-Aliasing filter. Same and even stronger moire issue than Canon 5D Mark2 and 7D
  • Tripod head will not allow you to change battry or memory in case you need to change them in middle of shooting without detaching the head fully from tripod
  • After pressing record you can’t change any setting (Shutter, ISO, Exposure). Changes will only apply on next record time.
  • Image Stabilization is missing on Camera and Lenses which produce shaky shots ( Huge requirement for most users)
  • As I mentioned in Pros, I would like to see other recording format such as 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps or if possible to even have more frame per second!
  • Why not independent video recording button?

Hope this was helpful. I will be doing more video test with more accessories and perhaps a short film. Exciting to see XE-1 to find if there is any improvement on video side. Will keep you posted over my blog.


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