I See What You See – A 6SECFILMS

Posted by admin on April 7, 2013

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Is this first serious 6secfilms professionally made on vine so far!

Here you read whole story of my first project to make short 6 seconds film with vine, this time aiming to get into Tribeca Film festival Manhattan NYC.

Almost 4 months ago when vine suddenly appeared on apps store got me excited and interested to find how user can utilize it to make another step into visual story telling with smart phones. This time was new tool for upcoming movie makers. Maybe Vinemakers generation!

Vine is powered by twitter and its nicely embedded into twitts. recent update get embedding codes which can be take vine to tumblr, facebook and blogs.

Two week ago Tribeca film festival announced first film competition on Vine as #6secfilms . deadline is 7th April.

I had discussion with couple of friends at the time. I got sweat story from Mohammad Magdy who was planning to make this as longer couple of minutes short film. I took the challenge of compiling it into 6secfilm. Knowing the challenges over vine I prepared myself and team for every step. I wanted to have decent light, set up and addition touches which usually we do it over editing process. Again vine not allowing any editing so all extras should happen live along with actions. Finally 6th Apr was day to make vinemovie! Thanks to Nasa Studio who provide us such wonderful studio space with all facilities. I suggest you check their facilities ans spaces if you like to indoor shoot in Dubai specially summer is just around the corner. I have shared couple tweets just before shooting starts sharing my tips and tricks about vine film. here is some:

Finally here is final video. The one with English dialogue is been submitted for competition. As you can see vine video is embedded into tweets. But you can do just video from vine link if you interested to re share on your blog or social network.

We did Arabic version as well. Not for competition is just we all agree to record conversation in native language:

At The End I Like to thank all team members, every body who helped to make this project happen and without you guys it was impossible I like to share with you video of behind the scene of making this 6secfilms. Leo, Rishi, Ajit and Sebi worked very hard behind the scene. Sebi record this video for us. My other friend filmmaker Abdulla Hassan Ahmed had big influence on making this project happen. Thank you Abdulla. Thank you Magdy for allowing me to work partially on the script to fit this project. Also all actress did wonderful job , Thank you everybody!


We got interesting post on our favorite PetaPixel.com about this project and Vine Apps titled: Vine is Exploding, and People Are Starting to Take It Very, Very Seriously
Also Intresting Quota by Robert De Niro on Vine shared by The Verge :

Read De Niro’s Full Interview by The Wall Street Journal over here.


I was honored to get my vine short film shoutout with some incredible people. I want to embed some of them over my blog. Its way to thank you and all others who did retweet or favorite it which I couldn’t able to bring them all over here. Thank you :)

Final Update:

Finally Tribeca Film Festival announced the finalist. Unfortunately Our vine is not there!!! But hey, we did it .. The whole journey happen same as we planned and hoped for it. We got great people backed us to spread the story on web. I do like to thank everybody for all love and attention to this project. That will make me and my friends come up with something even cooler, very soooooooooon :)

Two more sources talked about our projects, one is my favorite publication The New Yorker have an article on their online site called ” The Six-Second Films Grows Up ” and they did mention us over there . Check the link.

Cult of Mac have another wonderful article name ” Hollywood is Starting to Take Vine Seriously

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