Saloom & Alyooh is Silent Short Film

Posted by admin on June 7, 2012

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iCinematography is next thing i should talk about it over my site.

Two Weeks ago with support of Actors  I have completed a first of its kind Emirati silent short film totally shot and edited on iPhone.

After the success of telephoni for me and iPhone filming growing rapidly worldwide, I wanted to do another iPhone film project and the concept of comedy silent film came to my mind after realizing Silent Film Director Apps challenge since Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday anniversary.

I thought is going to be unique idea since within region we have not much silent film from old days or even no iPhone film made up silently black & white. I need to take this further.

Of course with difficulty of finding actor an actress who can act comedy differently             ( compare to local comedians) , finally Mohammad Magdi and Shehnaz accepted and so far they done great work. They have incredibly act while the challenges of location and weather were there, iPhone stopped twice in middle of shoot due to heat. big thank toward their artistic manner.

We believe the project went successful within scope of what we wanted to achieve. I think there is bigger room for such No-Budget short films where equipment and production goes minimal and the focus will be art only.

Special thank to my friend Leo James where his cinematography always big help and his availability is just what i need most of time. He is great photographer.

Last a few words goes to the Apps we have used to produce this short, Silent Film Director since early days of release i owned it. I simply like the comedy and the style of Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and other artists from early days of cinema creation is always lovely to watch. By The time this apps greatly improved over the time. with iPhone 4s this apps work even greater than ever. They provide every tool you need to create your short film with minimal limitations. Big thanks to their developers.

Now its time to watch and please share with your friends. I believe the viewer count is something judges look for to select the finalist video.

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