and finally telePhoni is here to watch!

Posted by admin on December 23, 2011

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Finally after 10 months of making telePhoni, Now It’s live to watch over her, and iPhone Film Festival.

I like to share some thought on this short film which could be interesting to you as well.

After years of working with filmmakers, i was always looking for mystery story and enough budget to make a film with proper set and casts. That ideology make me long to do a real short film and participate along other friend in film festivals locally which is now more than 4 festivals happening per a year regionally!

Therefore when my friend Ahmed gave me the story line, i though and re though how to make it mystery, fun and as my always interest , make something different!

Korean famous Director Chan-Wook was in process of making feature film with iPhone which at that time was truly inspiration and big confidence that i should go with iPhone this time, no other camera. That doesn’t mean i was out of other equipment since I’m almost since 2 years using Canon HDSLR’s and i could proceed my film by them.However iPhone was the choice!

All planing happened in very short time, since i was looking for Asian female  looking actor, that was difficult part of the project. It was difficult to find someone by telling him that i want to shoot story of house maid in a relationship!

At this part of world since there is no film industry, the idea doesn’t translate well to people and therefor it took me week after putting ads and talking and convincing people to act in this project.

But thank to Aimee Garcia my female actor she almost act as i wanted. Even other male actors which all of them first time standing opposite camera they all just done great job.

We had shoot all scene in one Friday morning as early az 8am up to 11am. While Friday is weekend over here, was the only time i can find my self and others available to shoot.Good to mention that The location of filming was my parents house.

Let me tell you a nice moment of that day when in one of the scene swere both actor and actress were getting closer my dad came out of his room and suddenly he stop by to watch whats going on, he did not comment anything at that time but  I’m sure it was uncomfortable scene happening at his home!

telePhoni the making-2

telePhoni the making

Later within week time almost i edited the film, shared with writer which he is my friend Ahmed Zain. We both like it and final edit came out almost like what we imagined at beginning . However it was difficult to convince him that iPhone can be interesting device for this project but he finally even chose the name of film which i believe all related.

At the end we decided to submit it for Gulf Film Festival which was about to happen in next 2 months. Later, film was accepted as part of official film competition. it was first appearance of film along other films among Gulf Countries.

The next appearance was in Abu Dhabi Film Festival in Oct 2011. Part of Emirates Film Competition which happen while i was look around at my favorite apple store in Reston, Virginia. just a few days before my little son Sami born! At that time i received couple of tweets and messages from friends that my short film got third award of short film narration at Festival.

It was surprise for me and i believe it was overall great experience and achievement for such very low budget film. where you not limiting yourself to any device while you can make your audience for your film without having huge budget but story to tell.

I would like to thank everyone who helped, supported this project, From my parents to my wife as always big supporter to me. All friends who support film making in middle east and special thanks to Masoud Amralah for being big supporter to UAE Films and others like the vimeo users with their inspiration work all the time. finally iPhone Film Festival  which i believe they are the one who making iPhone film sound mores serious than before.

Find Out Exclusive Preview by my Facebook Page.

Please watch the film below, do not forget to like and share if you like it! Check out iPhone Film Festival for any comments others made. do not forget to leave your thought too ..

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