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The title of this blog may sound like putting some blame on vine apps for an unsuccessful project but it is not the case. This post is about a project scope and process of accomplishing it and the choice of the medium which I decided to use for producing series of short films part of awareness campaign in collaboration with various parties. Here is the full story and my comments about vine apps after several use.

#DONTBRINGMEDOWN is the theme for social awareness campaign, originally brought to me by Stephanie Hamilton ( Nektar ) about challenges she got with her down syndrome child in dubai. Knowing that we came together to make an awareness series of videos with my suggestion that to be made on vine app.

We had initial discussion about all possibilities, from locations, We had to utilise various locations for each video to provide closer look into child life around school, playground, swimming pool and more. We had to look into timing where we can find everyone free and availble to help us make this videos live. Plus other challenges which we tried to make all necessary pre planning before scheduled days of shooting.

After weeks of planning and discussing with everyone, finally we decided to go with two stories in two different location and to be produced on same day. The first Story is happening around “playground” and second one named ” Challenge” which happen in swimming pool area.

Also worth to mention that based on my previous successful vine project which you can watch and read about it here, I’m totally aware of difficulties, challenges and fun of using Vine as medium to record and share videos on social network. which totally fits well  with our need of creating awareness and buzz on social network in whole aspect of engaging.

Like previous project I have asked my photographer and artist friend Leo James to help me with his cinematography and creative skills along with other friends Elvis, Rishi, Raan, Pavi, Priyanka and Sithar to join me on producing this project. We got some really cool equipment along. You get to see them on video and photos all over this post.

While I like to invite you to watch first video, I will share the rest of stories in next paragraph.

We had to shoot each scene then keep phone in safe, un touchable situation like off screen to continue toward next scene. Meanwhile start assembly equipment and guiding kids on playground to move and act accordingly. sometime we mock up scene with other iPhone just to avoid any error. This video got 4 recording clips. On froth shot Leo slided into slider un planned which ruined whole clip! We had to repeat all the shots! Imagine we had to make all kids happy to do for us again. Dubai on this time of year is not pleasant weather like 38c to 40c. However everybody was so helpful and we did it again.

As you can see, we got two errors here. One is small jerk on see swing shot which wasnt noticeable to us while we reviewed clip under direct sun on our iPhone screen.

Another vine limits is previewing each stage of recording, or delete unwanted scene which make it impossible to return to any shot once you recorded, not even uploaded! We were fine with sharing it but We realise that we couldn’t do it as storyboard planning. We couldn’t do much with our actores too. In last frame, we wanted to make it clear last person on frame is a down syndrome kid. I guess you didn’t see that, too :)

Lets move to next short film. Watch it here:

Let me tell you this is not any close to our storyboard. Its not what we wanted in any aspect. First challenge was finding our kid not happy to perform as we want.

Also from my side, I might had to bring pro actores instead of relying on real person character but it was too late to do anything about it. Second challenge was underwater case and running vine apps itself. Vine apps start recording while holding your fingers on screen. the amount of pressure we apply on ground is way less than pressure we have to apply underwater. How ever the recording didn’t go smooth and mostly stopped many time and on some case no record at all! We had to find out some alternatives which team came up with some creative and some stupid solution which some how did help or maybe didn’t help to accomplish over initial storyboard.

We finally made videos which wasn’t any close to our messages we wanted to communicate with our audience. BUT still I wanted  to write about it and share my thought on how I want vine or similar apps help me to make more pro-films and video on my mobile phone. I believe since smart phones revolutionise how we do with photography, videography yet require more improvements and practical features to become reliable medium for upcoming generation of film makers.

The reason I post this blog and this project is not that is perfect job we have done. Its about action we took to make our short film journey on mobile phone into next level. Yes I did fail somehow but it’s another learning story. Same as what my mentor says ” perfection is boring, we learn from our fails. Said Koci.

Here is my wish list to see on coming vine updates or even if it’s interesting to Instagram folks:

  1. I think vine could be better medium on such condition filming if we can review each records on any stage, delete unwanted or trim clips.
  2. I believe button to record and stop make much smoother process of capturing moments. While holding screen may be is fun for but having whole screen sensitive to record make some un wanted recording which create problems.
  3. Saving video for later share!
  4. Apply some basic correction on video like brightness, contrast, saturation if not filter.
  5. Even though Im big fan of filtering. Seriously why not?
  6. I know Vine apps and Instagram video not intrested to import video from camera roll so far, perhaps this will push more of mobile video user to get creative and make stuff from and directly live from their phone view point BUT maybe there should be way to transfer record videos from other apps to vine or instagram same way as photogrpahy apps operate currently. This will help other third party apps come up with add ons. Somehow same way we shoot our photos with Hipstamatic, edit on other apps and then share with Instagram. Lets do same with video folks :)

I hope and want to see better platform for mobile filmmakers to come up with creative process and apps to use on their smart phones, Sooon

Finally we got behind the scene video too, Makes this experience more fun. Special thanks to Pavi for shooting the behind of scene.

All photos belong to Stephanie Hamilton.

  • Priyanka Geriya

    Brilliant work by all of you! And hat’s off to all the creative techniques on sets and the video! Looking forward to do more projects with you all! :)

    • hkiyany

      Thank you for being part of the projects .. look forward to work with you :)

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